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IntelliMindz offers the best final year IEEE Dot Net Projects in Chennai. We provide unique ideas for the candidates to Design Projects and give the best projects for students at an affordable cost. A lot of students come to our institute and make their projects ideas as possible. framework is a language-neutral platform for writing programs that can interoperate easily and securely. There’s no language barrier with .net: there are numerous languages available to the developer including controlled c++, c#, visual primary, and javascript. IEEE Dot Net projects are designed by our professional team using Cloud Computing, Image Processing, Network Security, Data Mining, Big Data, Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications, Secure Computing, VLSI, Embedded Systems, Robotics, and more. Our faculties at IntelliMindz will give you excellent support throughout your project done. So far, we have finished doing projects for more than 10k engineering students. The majority of our projects are recognized by companies as being necessary for their requirement. Join our final year IEEE Dot Net projects center in Chennai and complete your project on time. For more information contact us on 9655877577.

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IEEE Dot Net Projects

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Why IEEE Dot Net Projects in Chennai?

We think, create, and conduct research and development on the latest technologies,  prepare foundation works.

We develop the projects according to university guidelines. Execute the ideas into action.

We train students on different technologies, timely project delivery, and provide reports and PPT materials.

Syllabus of IEEE Dot Net Projects in Chennai


Users can store their data on the cloud using cloud storage services to save money on local data storage and maintenance. Many data integrity auditing techniques have been proposed to protect the integrity of data stored in the cloud. A user must use his private key to generate data authenticators in most, if not all, of the available schemes to do data integrity auditing. As a result, the user must have a hardware token (e.g., a USB token or a smart card) to store his private key and remember a password to activate it.


A heterogeneous information network (HIN) has been employed to define complex and heterogeneous auxiliary data in recommender systems, referred to as HIN-based recommendation, due to its flexibility in modeling data heterogeneity. It’s difficult to come up with appropriate approaches for HIN-based recommendation in terms of both extraction and utilization of data from HINs. Most HIN-based recommendation methods rely on path-based similarity, which cannot fully mine latent structure features of users and items. HERec is a novel heterogeneous network embedding-based approach for HIN-based recommendation that we propose in this paper.


Many online information platforms have emerged as an important business model to meet society’s needs for person-specific data, where a service provider collects raw data from data contributors and then provides value-added data services to data consumers. However, data consumers have a significant problem in the data trading layer, namely, how to check whether the service provider has genuinely obtained and processed data? Furthermore, data contributors are often reluctant to provide sensitive personal information or their true names to data consumers. We present TPDM, a method for integrating truthfulness and privacy preservation in data marketplaces, in this study.


Users may now share their images, films, and other media content with anyone, anywhere, due to the increased use of social networks. However, easy access to user-generated media content raises privacy problems. In large-scale media sharing systems, traditional access control procedures, in which a single access policy is created for a specific piece of material, are unable to meet user privacy needs. Instead, various levels of access privileges for shared media material should be configured.


Social networking sites have interaction millions of users across the world. The customers’ interactions with these social sites, consisting of Twitter and Facebook have a tremendous impact and occasionally unwanted repercussions for daily life. Spammers have turned prominent social media sites into a target for transmitting a vast amount of irrelevant and harmful information. Twitter, for example, has become one of the most widely utilized platforms of all time, allowing an excessive amount of spam to emerge. Fake users send unwanted tweets to users to advertise businesses or websites, which not only affect legitimate users but also consume resources.


This paper proposes a new framework for reversible data hiding in encrypted JPEG images. To encrypt a JPEG image to a smaller size while keeping the format interoperable with JPEG decoders, we first give a JPEG encryption method. The server embeds additional messages into the ciphertext to generate a marked encrypted JPEG bitstream after a picture owner uploads encrypted JPEG bitstreams to cloud storage. We present a hybrid embedding approach for data concealing that includes two stages: Huffman code mapping and ordered histogram shifting.

IEEE Dot Net Projects in Chennai

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IEEE Dot Net Projects Certification in Chennai

Increase the value of your virtual or onsite events by offering Final Year IEEE Dot Net Projects Certificates. If your curriculum from IntelliMindz qualifies for the Final Year IEEE Dot Net Projects in Chennai, you can purchase certificates individually for each participant or take advantage of our wholesale price. IEEE is an approved provider of Professional Development Hours and Continuing Education Units for technological professionals looking for professional development opportunities.

The final year IEEE Dot Net projects Center in Chennai at IntelliMindz are presented by experienced professionals with over 9+ years of experience on the Dot Net platform. Our trainers will enhance your knowledge with industry-related real-time projects. The course gives you a certificate proving that you have knowledge and skills when it reaches IEEE Dot Net Projects.

Our company has state-of-the-art research and development facilities to support progress and next-generation technology. The IEEE Certifications Program allows training providers to issue certificates for learning events in areas of IEEE interest.


Final Year IEEE Dot Net Certificates will help your technical professionals:

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IEEE Dot Net Projects FAQ

By choosing application and domain wise, We can select and develop a project as per final year IEEE  Dot Net project requirements.

Dot Net is a trending technology for those who are all studying IT and CS background

In IntelliMindz, We offer various unique final year IEEE Dot Net projects at affordable costs.

We develop IEEE Dot Net projects based on IEEE papers, and we meet all the IEEE requirements on final year Dot Net projects in Chennai

The duration of the project depends on the complexity of the project. For an assumption, it may take around 1 to 2 months.

You can call us @9655877577 to get your queries clarified. We are available 24/7.

We have a team of well-experienced and professional trainers who are well versed in the technology and various domains.

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Live Instructor-Led Training

You will be taught by an experienced trainer who has trained more than 1500 students

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Assignments will be given to you at end of every session. This will help you to better understand the topics.

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You can choose the timings that are better suited for IEEE Dot Net Projects in Chennai.

Certification and Job Assistance

You will be awarded IEEE Dot Net Projects Completion Certification after the successful completion of our IEEE Dot Net Projects in Chennai.

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All mentors at IntelliMindz have years of important industry experience, and they have been effectively functioning as advisors in a similar space, which has made them topic specialists.

  • Training will be provided right from the basics to advanced concepts on IEEE Dot Net Projects
  • Our trainers are real-time experienced professionals with more than 9+ years of live industrial experience
  • Successfully Trained and placed more than 500 students
  • Will provide guidance on resume preparation and projects
  • They will  provide separate sessions will be given on Project overview and real-time scenarios
  • Individual attention will be given to every participant and the separate session will be given on topics required to them if required
  • Mock interviews will be taken at the end of the training session and FAQ will be provided on relevant Technology

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Encrypting the entire shared file will notice sensitive data activities, but it will also make the shared file inaccessible to others:

Users will be able to keep their knowledge on the cloud and notice how information is shared with others using cloud storage services. To ensure the integrity of the data stored in the cloud, remote knowledge integrity auditing is planned. The cloud file in some common cloud storage systems, such as the electronic health records system, may contain sensitive data. Once the cloud file is shared, the sensitive data must not be exposed to others. Enabling Identity-Based Integrity Auditing and Data Sharing for Secure Cloud Storage with Sensitive Information Hiding. In remote knowledge integrity auditing, the method for detecting knowledge sharing with sensitive data activity has yet to be studied. To address this issue, we offer a distant knowledge integrity auditing theme in this work that realizes knowledge sharing with sensitive data activities. during this theme, a sanitizer is employed to sanitize {the knowledge|the info|the data} blocks like the sensitive information of the file and transforms these data blocks’ signatures into valid ones for the modified file. These signatures are used to validate the integrity of the modification throughout the integrity auditing process. As a result, our theme allows for file storage in the cloud to be shared and used by others under the condition that sensitive data is hidden, while remote knowledge integrity audits can be killed instantly. Meanwhile, the planned theme relies on identity-based cryptography, which simplifies the difficult certificate management. the protection analysis and therefore the performance analysis shows that the planned theme is secure and economical.

Shared multi-owner setting, privacy-preserving attribute-based keyword search:
CP-ABKS (Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Keyword Search) simplifies search queries and allows for fine-grained access control over encrypted data in the cloud. Previous CP-ABKS schemes, on the other hand, were designed to support unshared multi-owner settings and cannot be simply deployed within the shared multi-owner setting (where each record is authorized by a limited number of knowledge owners) without incurring substantial machine and storage costs. Furthermore, most existing schemes are vulnerable to offline keyword guessing attacks if the keyword region is polynomial in size due to privacy difficulties with access controls. Furthermore, it’s difficult to recognize fraudulent individuals that leak the key keys when one knowledge user has the same set of attributes as another. In this paper, we’ll explain how to develop a privacy-preserving CP-ABKS system with hidden access policy in a Shared Multi-owner setup (basic ABKS-SM system) to facilitate malicious user tracing (modified ABKS-SM system). Within the generic linear cluster model, we then show that the proposed ABKS-SM systems achieve selective security and resist offline keyword guessing attacks. We have a tendency to add value to their real-world performance victimization datasets.


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