SAP BO Training in Chennai

Looking for the best SAP BO Training Institute in Chennai? IntelliMindz offers SAP BO Training in Chennai with 100% hands-on practical classes. We exclusively designed the course syllabus with basics through advanced SAP BusinessObjects (BO) Business Intelligence (BI) concepts. Our SAP BO Training center is perfectly equipped with all the needed facilities like labs, classrooms, and more. In this SAP BO certification course in Chennai at IntelliMindz, you will get in-depth knowledge on how to apply BI-BO technologies to sharpen such business objectives as improving the customer experience, streamlining supply chains, Business planning, Business Consolidation, Dashboard, and KPI reporting, query and analysis, Crystalline of reporting, data visualization and in total enterprise Performance management. We have more than 10+ years of training experience in SAP as well as Real-time working experience in all SAP modules. Our SAP BO trainers will help you to build your resume and share your project exposures. Join our SAP BO Online Training in Chennai at IntelliMindz and enhance your career.

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Upcoming Batch Schedule for SAP BO Training in Chennai

6th APR 2023

Thu (Mon – Fri)


08:00 AM (IST)

(Class 1Hr – 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

15th APR 2023

Sat (Sat – Sun)


08:00 AM (IST)

(Class 1Hr – 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

20th APR 2023

Thu (Mon – Fri)


08:00 AM (IST)

(Class 1Hr – 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

29th APR 2023

Sat (Sat – Sun)


08:00 AM (IST)

(Class 1Hr – 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

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Why SAP BO Training?

IntelliMindz is the best IT Training Institute in Chennai, We are providing certification with 100% placements Assistance.

Some of the big-name brands using SAP BO are Amazon, IBM, Accenture, HCL, Deloitte, Cognizant, ITC Infotech, etc.

SAP BO Professionals on average earns. - Rs.698,212, - Rs 560,000, - $125000 - $155000

Syllabus of SAP BO Training in Chennai

Learning Objectives:

This Module of the IntelliMindz SAP BO Training in Chennai will help you understand the various SAP BO concepts like Data Warehousing, Dashboard, Error Handling Techniques, and more.


  • What is SAP?
  • What is BO?
  • Data Warehousing?
  • Database In SAP?
  • BO Universe?
  • Dashboard
  • BI launchpad?
  • Life Cycle Management?
  • Error Handling Techniques

Learning Objectives:

This Module of the IntelliMindz SAP BO Course in Chennai will help you understand Data Warehousing concepts like Features of data warehousing, Data marts and tables, how to deploy real-world scenarios, and more.


  • Introduction to data warehousing
  • Deployment in real-world scenarios
  • Features of data warehousing
  • Data marts and tables
  • Star schema and multiple star schema

Learning Objectives:

This Module of the IntelliMindz SAP BO Training Institute in Chennai will help you understand the overview concept of Database in SAP.


  • Overview of database
  • Characteristics of database
  • Data types of tables structuring
  • Set Operators
  • Join types and conditions
  • Group By
  • Having and Where conditions
  • Numeric Functions, Character Functions, Date Functions, Aggregate Functions

Learning Objectives:

his Module of the IntelliMindz SAP BO Classes in Chennai will help you understand the fundamental concept of Life Cycle Management.


  • FDD features
  • BRD business requirements
  • Technical design
  • Project plan
  • Execution
  • Preparation of unit test case
  • Deployment checklist

Learning Objectives:

This Module of the IntelliMindz SAP BO Online Training in Chennai will help you understand the Dashboard concepts like Features of dashboards, Information providers, Creating dashboards, Static and dynamic dashboards, etc.


  • Overview of dashboards
  • Features of dashboards
  • Information providers
  • Creating dashboard
  • Static and dynamic dashboard
  • Work with dual-axis dashboard, data by range, Calender, series, and bar chart dashboards
  • Import and export of data
  • Data management
  • Different layers (data, canvas, components, properties)
  • Query builder
  • QAAWS connectivity

Learning Objectives:

This Module of the IntelliMindz SAP BO Training Center in Chennai will help you understand the BI launch pad concepts like how to create web intelligence reports and schedule crystal and webi reports.


  • Creation of web intelligence reports
  • Scheduling crystal and webi reports
  • Transferring crystal and webi reports
  • Data storage
  • Folder structuring

Learning Objectives:

This Module of the IntelliMindz SAP BO Coaching Center in Chennai will help you understand the overview concept of Error Handling Techniques.


  • Real-time error handling methods
  • Different scenarios
  • Troubleshooting

SAP BO Corporate Training in Chennai

If you are looking to Train a Group of employees in your organization then contact our Corporate Training Coordinator for more details

SAP BO Certification Training in Chennai

SAP BO Certification Training in Chennai

IntelliMindz offers exclusive corporate cum placement training programs for fresher to get employed easily. Our training programs and course content are designed to assist learners to achieve their career goals. The trainer gives complete Independency to the student, to explore the subject and learn based on actual time projects and case studies. SAP BO training in Chennai at IntelliMindz is designed to assist learners to achieve their career goals. SAP BO certification training in Chennai at IntelliMindz offers various learning modalities, practical exposure, updated curricula, experienced and knowledgeable instructors, and other facilities crucial to completely preparing you for the certification exams. Experienced professionals with over a year of expertise in certain platforms provide training at IntelliMindz. The certification is provided after the successful completion of our training and practical-based assignment. Having our IntelliMindz SAP BO certificate along with your resume helps in prioritizing your profile during the interview process, and also it opens the door for a wide range of career opportunities.

Career Assistance:

The candidate will be provided career support through resume workshops and interview preparation sessions for several roles in this technology. You would also partake in several job fairs organized by IntelliMindz regularly. Besides the above-mentioned, many other attributes make IntelliMindz is the best place to take up SAP BO online training in Chennai. Join yourself in the SAP BO course today.

Working on LIVE Project: You will get an opportunity to work on real-time time projects.

Flexible Timing: At IntelliMindz you will get Ultimate Flexibility. You can pick the schedule whatever suits you the best.

Affordable Fees: In our training center fees are not only affordable, but you can pay the fees in Installment.

Job Opportunities: IntelliMindz SAP BO Certification course in Chennai will help the student to kick-start their career. Many companies welcome SAP BO Certified professionals. IntelliMindz SAP BO Certification will help you to land a job at the below-listed top MNC companies are Amazon, IBM, Accenture, HCL, Deloitte, Cognizant, ITC Infotech, etc.

SAP BO Training FAQ

Yes, a Demo session will be provided after enrollment to the SAP BO course.

Yes, you can take morning or evening batches as the calendar provided above. If you don’t find any suitable batch then you can request a new batch at your convenient timing. Don’t worry if you miss a session. You can attend this with other live batches.

You can get a video recording of the missed session or you can attend the same session in any other ongoing batches.

At IntelliMindz we have experienced trainers who as trained and placed many students successfully.

SAP BO Professionals on average earns. – Rs.698,212, – Rs 560,000, – $125000 – $155000

Salary will differ based on your experience and knowledge of SAP BO

You can call us @9655877577 to get your queries clarified. We are available 24/7.

Our SAP BO trainers are certified SAP BO Engineers with more than 10+ years of live industrial experience. 

SAP BO Training Features

Live Instructor-Led Training

You will be taught by an experienced trainer who has trained more than 1500 students

Course Assignments

Assignments will be given to you at end of every session. This will help you to better understand the topics.

Flexible Class Schedule

You can choose the timings that are better suited for SAP BO Training in Chennai.

Certification and Job Assistance

You will be awarded SAP BO Course Completion Certification after the successful completion of our SAP BO Training in Chennai.

SAP BO Training in Chennai Trainer Profile

All mentors at IntelliMindz have years of important industry experience, and they have been effectively functioning as advisors in a similar space, which has made them topic specialists.

  • Training will be provided right from the basics to advanced concepts on SAP BO
  • Our trainers are real-time experienced professionals with more than 10+ years of live industrial experience
  • Successfully Trained and placed more than 500 students
  • Will provide guidance on resume preparation and projects
  • They will  provide separate sessions will be given on Project overview and real-time scenarios
  • Individual attention will be given to every participant and the separate session will be given on topics required to them if required
  • Mock interviews will be taken at the end of the training session and FAQ will be provided on relevant Technology

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Additional Information for SAP BO Training in Chennai

SAP Business Objects (abbreviated as BO or SAP BO) is a reporting solution for prominent enterprise software firms’ products. SAP is mostly utilized for reporting and business intelligence purposes. Reports from Business Objects are used in the majority of sales generation and business decisions (BO). SAP BO is primarily intended for all IT professionals who aspire to work as data scientists and analysts, as well as future business intelligence users and industry specialists. This training course is suitable for those who are familiar with SQL fundamentals, and we also provide instruction in Oracle SQL fundamentals, which is required for BO. Business Objects (BI) also provides consulting services to assist customers with the deployment of their BI projects. A semantic layer between the front-end reporting tool and physical data is known as a Business Objects semantic layer.

SAP BO Course in Chennai

We provide beginners the possibility to increase their skill-set in SAP BO with practical-orientated instructions through our SAP BO training in Chennai. Also, this course is handled by experienced certified trainers which will help you to gain functional as well as technical knowledge in SAP BO. Our SAP BO Training program syllabus is designed by industrial experts. After completion of SAP BO Training in Chennai, we assure you will get expertise in SAP BO concepts. Enroll and get started with our training program to begin a career with SAP BO.

Introduction to SAP BO:
SAP BO (Business Objects) is a financial reporting solution for SAP and non-SAP systems that uses an enterprise data warehouse (DWH). SAP BO is used to create higher-level reports based on the interaction (Interactive reports) generated by using dashboards and scorecards. To bring the corporate level online, dashboards and scorecards are used.

Why Business objects:
SAP BO is a query, reporting, and analytical solution all in one. It allows you to access the data and analyze the data in an organized database directly from the desktop. It provides the business intelligence semantic layer that isolates business users from the complexities of the database. SAP BO enables enterprises to achieve strategic alignment, predictable results, improved performance, and better decision-making. SAP business objects and SAP business intelligence (BI) support for reporting, query, analysis, and performance of management.

SAP BusinessObjects Reporting Tools:
SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 is an SAP solution that includes reporting apps and tools that analyze and report on data from SAP BW and SAP HANA. Reporting and dashboarding tools are included in the business objects reporting tool kit. Business users can utilize these reporting interfaces to produce reports and dashboards using data from SAP HANA in the form of tables or information views. The following is a list of reporting tools included in the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 package:
  • SAP Lumira
  • Web Intelligence
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • Design Studio
  • Dashboard designer
  • Universe Designer (IDT/UDT)
  • BusinessObjects Explorer
  • Analysis Office
  • MS Excel
Advantages of SAP Business Objects BI:
  • Massive Resources- Business Objects is a well-known brand that has been in the niche since its beginnings. You may be sure that Business Objects is here to stay, thanks to its huge resources. In fact, according to a recent study, SAP enjoys more than $3 billion in annual revenues and has captured nearly one-quarter of market share1. To conclude, SAP has the financial and technological resources to go through development cycles and update its products as needed. You’ll never have trouble finding a developer who knows Business Objects’ proprietary language thanks to its widespread adoption.
  • Nearly Endless Scalability- Business Objects is a large-scale reporting tool, whereas SAP’s two prominent BI products, Crystal Reports, and Crystal Reports Server, are aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you have 10,000 users, 100,000 users, or more, Business Objects can handle the job and scale with your company. One of the key reasons large corporations select Business Objects is scalability.
  • Robust Feature Set- Apart from scalability, another significant benefit of Business Objects is its ability to perform a wide range of complicated reporting jobs. As a result, several Fortune 500 businesses have “standardized” on Business Objects, which means they’ve purchased a top-level enterprise license and adopted it as their “reporting standard.”
  • Versatile Integration- Business Objects can access a wide range of data sources, including OLAP and XML. It may link to a variety of integration points, including SharePoint, Java, Microsoft Office, and.NET. In fact, according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, integration with enterprise applications is one of the primary reasons many organizations select SAP as their BI vendor2.
  • Solid Administrative and Data Governances- For large-scale user deployment, access, and security control, Business Objects has the tools and features you need. It can work with a variety of standards for user provisioning, including LDAP security providers and Single-Sign-On (SSO) solutions, and it provides the security needed to restrict access at the report level. Many software vendors can integrate their security models with the Business Object API to provide data-level security as well.
SAP Business Objects has the following technologies:
  • Enterprise Performance
  • Management (EPM)
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Enterprise Information Management)
  • Governance, Compliance, Resource (GRS)
The different products related to Business Objects:
There are many different types of items associated with business things, and they are all different.
  • User module
  • Designer
  • Supervisor
  • Auditor
  • Set Analyzer
  • Info View
  • Business Objects – Software Development – Kit
  • Broadcast Agent

SAP Training in Chennai

The goal of IntelliMindz is to change the way people learn. IntelliMindz can help you improve your SAP BO skills. Developing SAP BO abilities will set you on a successful career path. Our SAP BO Course in Chennai will teach you the fundamentals of SAP BO. This comprehensive SAP BO training course is combined with real-world examples and exercises to help you put what you’ve learned into practice. Improving your SAP BO expertise can assist you in finding a job, getting promoted, or starting a new career. Use this SAP BO training program as a stepping stone to a career in cloud computing. Enroll in our SAP BO course and get certified today to begin your SAP BO career.

What you’ll learn:
  • Learn the overview concept of SAP Business Objects to view, sort, and analyze BI data
  • Learn how to deploy SAP BO web intelligence for executing prompts
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in BI maturity model and business object model
  • Understand the SAP BO reporting and analysis using universe designer
  • Learn how to create various tables, charts, and sorted reports
  • Understand the concept of Fetching data from different data sources and working with BO data services
  • Learn the concepts of BO crystal reports and dashboard design
  • Learn how to deploy SAP BO for visualizing, parsing, and analyzing BI data
Who can join the SAP BO Training in Chennai:
  • Freshers
  • Business Analyst
  • ETL and SQL Developers
  • Working professional
  • Freelancers
IntelliMindz’s SAP BO Course will teach by highly skilled and well-experienced professionals. Our SAP BO Training in Chennai has a well-structured course syllabus also provides training sessions for students in their convenient schedules. We are one of the top-most leading SAP BO training institutes in Chennai. Enroll Now in our SAP BO Course in Chennai and contact 9655877577 for more details.

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