ETL Testing Training In Chennai

Chennai Trainings provides ETL Testing Training in Chennai at affordable cost. We offer both ETL Testing Online training in Chennai, ETL Testing classroom training in Chennai and ETL Testing Corporate training in Chennai. We provide basic to expert level of ETL Testing training in Chennai with 100% real-time practical experience in Chennai. ETL testing certification training in Chennai will provide better knowledge about ETL testing. Our ETL testing faculty in Chennai is well experienced and real-time working knowledge trainers in Chennai. Chennai Training is located in Velachery, Chennai.

ETL Testing Course In Chennai

We provide the best ETL Testing course in Chennai at low cost. Contact 09655 992 993 for best ETL Testing course in Chennai. ETL Testing course in Chennai helps you learn ETL Testing fundamentals to advanced level of training in Chennai. ETL testing course in Chennai  is the best course for testing field to get exposure. Chennai Training provides best and quality ETL testing training in Chennai for the students. ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load, and we ensure you will get better exposure on ETL testing.

ETL Testing Online Training In Chennai

We offer both ETL testing Online training in Chennai and ETL testing classroom training in Chennai. ETL Testing online training is one of the best modes of training to acquire the course in Chennai. Our ETL Testing trainer in Chennai is well experienced and real-time work experienced trainer in Chennai. Chennai Trainings is the best ETL testing online training institute in Chennai.

ETL Testing Training Centre In Chennai

Through Chennai Trainings ETL testing course in Chennai both fresher and experienced will get better knowledge and experience. We are the best ETL Testing training centre in Chennai which provides the best course at affordable price in Chennai. We provide high depth practical and live experience to the candidate and helps to clear the interviews.

What is ETL Testing?

ETL stands for extract transform and load. Extracting data from various of sources (eg:like DB,ORACLE,MSSQL,FLAT FILE,) and transform that data as per business need and load them into target system that is  nothing but DATA WARE HOUSE, We validate that loaded data on target system are valid or as per business need on  field level by using tool like SQL, Oracle, thus these validation of verifying data called ETL testing.

Whom ETL Testing course is suitable for?

Those who has thoroughly knowledge of DATABASE are suitable for ETL testing.

Prerequisites for learning ETL Testing?

Strong knowledge of SQL. Joins, Union, Data Constraint, SQL commands, DML and DDL.

Concepts of creating test case or scenarios from data mapping sheets.

Unix basics commands. Creation of file, editing file, reading file, file manipulation, searching a pattern from a file, cut copy paste, creation of directory, removing file from directory .Basic knowledge of Data Warehouse concepts and Database. Concepts of ETL Testing process. Extract Transform and Load.

What is the advantage of learning ETL Testing  ?

ETL testing has expanding career now a days in future you can jump your career to big data, data analytics as ETL testing mainly involve into DATABASE.

ETL Testing Salary In Chennai

ETL Testing with required competence can expect about a package of 15,000 to 25,000 Which is the average.

ETL Testing Course Duration In Chennai

40 Hrs of theoretical and practical sessions.

ETL Testing Certification In Chennai

ETL Testing certification in Chennai is ISTQB

ETL Testing Training In Chennai Location

Chennai Trainings is located in Velachery, Chennai. It is one of the best ETL Testing training centre in Chennai. If you are searching for the ETL Testing training in Chennai, Chennai Trainings is the perfect choice for ETL Testing training in Chennai.

Syllabus For ETL Testing Training In Chennai

ETL Introduction

Different ETL and Reporting tools

ETL Testing Introduction

Data warehousing fundamentals

  • OLTP(Online Transaction Processing)
  • OLAP(Online Analytical Processing)
  • Datawarehousing Architecture
  • Fact
  • Definition and Uses
  • Additive
  • Semi Additive
  • Non Additive
  • Dimension Definition and uses
  • Dimension Modelling
  • Star Schema
  • Snowflake Schema
  • Galaxy Schema
  • Datamart vs Datawarehouse

Oracle required for ETL Testing

Oracle Introduction

SQL Statements Introduction

  • Select
  • DDL(Data Definition Language)
  • DML(Data Manipulation Language)
  • TCL(Transaction Control Language)
  • DCL(Data Control Language)

Arithmetic Operators

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Order of execution

Character Functions

  • Substr
  • Instr
  • Concat
  • Length
  • Upper
  • Lower
  • Initcap
  • Lpad
  • Rpad
  • Trim

Date function

  • Date difference
  • Add to date

Conversion Functions

  • To_date
  • To_char
  • To_number


  • Ascending
  • Decending


  • Join Definition and use
  • Equijoin/Normal join/Inner join
  • Cross join / Cartesian join
  • Left outer join
  • Right outer join
  • Full outer
  • On clause

Aggregate Functions

  • Min
  • Max
  • Count
  • Sum
  • Avg
  • Having clause
  • Group by

Subquery with real time examples

Correlated Subquery with real time examples

Merge with real time examples


  • Primary key
  • Unique
  • Not Null
  • Foreign Key
  • Check Constraint
  • Default


Materialized View

View vs Materialized View

Materialized View use in Data warehouse



  • Create table
  • Create table using existing table
  • Create view
  • Alter table
  • Drop table
  • Truncate table


  • Delete
  • Insert
  • Update

Informatica ETL Testing Required for ETL Testing

Informatica Powercenter Overview

Client Tools

  • Informatica Powercenter Designer
  • Informatica Powercenter Workflow Manager
  • Informatica Powercenter Workflow Monitor

Working with Sources

  • Flat file(fixed/delimted)
  • Relational Sources(Tables/Views)
  • XML

Working with Targets

  • Flat file(fixed/delimted)
  • Relational Sources(Tables/Views)
  • XML

Informatica Powercenter Designer

  • Create Source
  • Create Target
  • Create Mapping and Mapplet

Informatica Powercenter Workflow Manager

  • Create session/command task
  • Create worklet/Workflow
  • Different ways of executing workflows and sessions

Debugging workflows and sessions

Workflow logs and session Logs

Working with Transformations

Active vs Passive transformations


  • Filter
  • Sorter
  • Aggregator
  • Join

Unix Required for ETL Testing

  • Unix introduction
  • Folder structure and navigation
  • List files
  • Copy files
  • Move files
  • Cut command
  • Grep command
  • Find
  • Awk and sed
  • How to create and execute shell script

ETL Testing  Concepts

ETL Testing introduction

ETL Testing Vs Database Testing

ETL Data Load

  • Full Load
  • Initial Load
  • Incremental/Delta Load

SCD(Slowly Changing Dimension)

  • SCD1
  • SCD2
  • SCD3

ETL Test Case creation

ETL Testing Scenarios

Defects and Bugs


Bug life cycle

Jira – introduction

Test Data and How to create them

Waterfall and agile methodology

Scrum calls,grooming,test strategy


What is ETL Testing in Chennai?

ETL Testing  training in Chennai is done When a data load happens from source(Flat file, JSON or table) to target table by passing through different layers(Staging,etl, EDW,Data mart) after performing transformation logics as per business requirements in the form of S2T deck provided by client.

In simple words, it’s validation of tables and data in every layer(Extract->Transformation->Load)

Whom ETL Testing course is suitable for?

Candidate who has logical thinking to write SQL queries and who has interest more on testing and database, less on coding.

Should be good to prepare deck based on the requirements shared (BRD,FRD)

Prerequisites for learning ETL Testing

Basic knowledge on database, SQL Queries

Basics of testing.

What is the advantage of learning ETL Testing in Chennai?

For Freshers, choosing ETL Testing training in Chennai is a good choice,as the industry always has scope for ETL testing equally to Automation testing.

For experienced candidates who are in Manual testing, will find ETL testing as challenging and interesting to validate data layer by layer.

Why should I learn ETL Testing course in Chennai?

  • ETL Testing training  in Chennai is designed and conducted by more than 10+ years experienced faculty
  • Affordable fee with best ETL Testing training in Chennai
  • Guidance of interview tips & training, Resume preparation
  • Real-time projects and case study

How do i enrol for the ETL Testing training in Chennai?

You can contact at 09655 992 993 or directly walk into our ETL Testing training centre in Chennai to join ETL Testing training in Chennai

What will be the size of a ETL Testing batch at Chennai Trainings?

We at Chennai Trainings ETL Testing training in Chennai will give individual attention to students so that they will be able to clarify all the doubts. 

How equipped are the ETL Testing faculties at Chennai Trainings?

Our ETL Testing faculty member is industry expert and has experience in real-time application.

What are the eligibility criteria for ETL Testing training in Chennai?

A person who interest in Testing and database handling.

How will ETL Testing training help your career?

ETL Testing training in Chennai helps to grow high on testing.

What is the payment modes accepted at Chennai Trainings?

Both hot cash and net banking is available on Chennai Trainings.

What is the ETL Testing course duration in Chennai?

ETL Testing training in Chennai is 60 Hrs of theoretical and practical sessions.

What will be the Nature of Job?

Testing and Database handling.

Where I can find the ETL Testing Job?

All type of MNC companies in India

ETL Testing Training In Chennai Testimonials

Am Sulekha Krishnan I have completed my ETL Testing at Chennai Trainings, I have clearly understanding the testing concepts, Everyday I got a new thoughts and ideas about testing. My trainer handling the subjects very well, Each topics explained very clear to me. The practical session is so helpful and I learn widely. The class atmosphere was good to learn. Thanks to all.

– Sulekha Krishnan, Chennai

ETL Testing course I did in training in Chennai, Each theory and practical class was good. Trainer was well expert in this course he conveys very neat and clear. Especially practical classes was well-prepared and explaining the doubts with correct scenarios.  I asked many doubts trainer taught calm without any hesitation. Thank you Training in Chennai Team.

-Dharanidharan, Chennai

I have completed ETL Testing In Training in Chennai, I got clear view about this course. Classrooms are very discipline and clam for the learning. Trainer will guide us with motivational taught and ideas about the IT industries. Now I am confident to attend interviews. Thank you

-Malini, Chennai

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