PERL Training In Chennai

PERL Training In Chennai Trainings,  In our PERL training we provide lots of technical training and both theory and practical classes, We more than 10 years experienced trainers teach PERL from scratch to expertise level, In that PERL is a mandatory platform in all kinds of circumstances in the IT field, we giving online PERL courses certification with proper guidance that is related with real time core technique. Moreover we have a weekday and weekend schedule for students and working employees in additionally providing PERL materials and interview tips.for call: 9655992993

PERL Course In Chennai

Training In Chennai Trainings, Chennai providing best PERL course certification. We arrange fast track classes for the students and employees. Real-time classes and examples given by the experienced faculties with current aspect in IT industries. In the PERL course has flexible timing arrangements with both weekday and weekend classes for students and working employees.

PERL Training Institute In Chennai

PERL Training In Chennai Trainings, Chennai. One of the best training institue in Chennai region. We provide courses and certification for students and working employees. 100% real time project scenarios and best trainers for PERL course training. Each student will be monitored by the faculties and give proper guidelines to them. Online classes and mock interview and test will be conducted once completed the PERL Training In Chennai Trainings, Job assistance will be given by our institute. PERL Training In Chennai Trainings, the course concentrates from basic level training to advanced level training.

PERL Training Institute In Chennai

Are you planning for PERL training in Chennai? Chennai Trainings is one of the best PERL training center in Chennai and it will be the best choice for learning PERL course at an affordable cost. Our PERL training in Chennai faculty has a lot of Real-time experience and well qualified in training the professionals. Chennai Trainings is recognized as Best PERL training center in Chennai by the students.

Overview of PERL Training

Perl is a general-purpose programming language originally developed for text manipulation and now used for a wide range of tasks including system administration, web development, network programming, GUI development, and more.Perl is a stable, cross platform programming language.Though Perl is not officially an acronym but few people used it as Practical Extraction and Report Language.It is used for mission critical projects in the public and private sectors.Perl is an Open Source software, licensed under its Artistic License, or the GNU General Public License (GPL).Perl was created by Larry Wall.Perl 1.0 was released to usenet’s alt.comp.sources in 1987.At the time of writing this tutorial, the latest version of perl was 5.16.2.Perl is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.PC Magazine announced Perl as the finalist for its 1998 Technical Excellence Award in the Development Tool category.Perl is an interpreted language, which means that your code can be run as is, without a compilation stage that creates a non portable executable program.Traditional compilers convert programs into machine language. When you run a Perl program, it’s first compiled into a byte code, which is then converted ( as the program runs) into machine instructions. So it is not quite the same as shells, or Tcl, which are strictly interpreted without an intermediate representation.

PERL Salary In Chennai

PERL with required competence can expect about a package of 20,000 to 35,000 Which is the average.

PERL Course Duration In Chennai

45 Hrs of theoretical and practical sessions.

PERL Training Locations In Chennai

Our PERL Training centre in Chennai




Tamil Nadu-600042

Chennai Trainings is located in Velachery, Chennai. We are one of the quality PERL training centre in Velachery, Chennai. PERL course in Chennai is the best course to place in MNC’s. It is the perfect choice for PERL certified training in Velachery, Chennai.

PERL Course Syllabus In Chennai

Perl  Objectives:

  • Debug Perl applications using a variety of tools
  • Manipulate lists
  • Create packages
  • Utilize Perl’s object-oriented features and write their own classes
  • Install and use Perl modules
  • Integrate Perl scripts with databases using the DBI module
  • Explore the fundamentals of Perl/Tk programming
  • Extend Perl with C/C++
  • Develop their own Perl modules


  • Warnings
  • Diagnostic Messages
  • Carping, Confessing, and Croaking
  • Strict Checks
  • Compiler Pragmas
  • Debugging Flags
  • Your Perl Configuration
  • The Devel::Peek Module
  • The Data::Dumper Module

Expert List Manipulation:

  • The grep Operator
  • Lists, Arrays, and List Operators
  • Context
  • Context and Subroutines
  • Initializing Arrays and Hashes
  • Reference Syntax
  • Auto-vivification
  • Defined Values
  • Other List Operators
  • Usage of map, grep, and foreach

Blocks and Code References:

  • Blocks
  • Subroutines
  • Subroutine Prototypes
  • Code Refs and Anonymous Subroutines
  • Typeglobbing for the Non-Squeamish
  • Local (Dynamic) Variables
  • Lexical Variables
  • Persistent Private Subroutine Variables
  • Closures
  • The eval Operator
  • The Block Form of eval
  • The String Form of eval
  • Block Form of eval for Exception Handling


  • Review of Packages
  • BEGIN and END Blocks
  • Symbol Tables
  • Package Variables
  • Calling Package Subroutines
  • Importing Package Symbols
  • Exporting Package Symbols
  • Using the Exporter Package
  • The use Function
  • AutoLoader and SelfLoader

Objects and Classes:

  • Object-Oriented Stuff
  • Making Perl Object-Oriented
  • References
  • The bless Function
  • So, What’s a Blessed Thing Good For?
  • Calling Class and Object Methods
  • Object Methods
  • Writing Classes
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • What Perl Doesn’t Do

Tied Variables:

  • Why Use tie?
  • Tying a Scalar
  • Inside Tied Variables
  • untie
  • Tying an Array
  • Tying Hashes
  • Tie::Hash and Tie::Array
  • Tying Filehandles
  • What Are DBM, NDBM, GDBM, SDBM, etc?
  • Using the DBM Modules
  • Installing and Using Perl Modules
  • Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris
  • CPAN
  • Using Modules

Installing a Perl Module:

  • Unpacking the Module Source
  • The Configuration Step
  • The Build Step
  • The Test Step
  • The Install Step
  • Using
  • Using Module Documentation

Introduction to DBI/DBD:

  • The Old Way – DBPerls
  • A Better Way – DBI/DBD
  • Database Programming
  • Handles
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Creating a SQL Query
  • Getting the Results
  • Updating Database Data
  • Transaction Management
  • Finishing Up

DBI/DBD SQL Programming

  • Error Checking in DBI
  • Getting Connected
  • Drivers
  • Using Parameterized Statements
  • Statement Handle Attributes
  • Other Handle Attributes
  • Column Binding
  • The do Method
  • BLOBs and LONGs and Such
  • Installing DBI Drivers

Introduction to Perl/Tk

  • Tcl, Tk, Tcl/Tk, Tkperl, Perl/Tk, etc.
  • Perl/Tk
  • Creating a Perl/Tk Application
  • GUI Programming Overview
  • Adding Widgets
  • Scrolled Widgets
  • Configuring Widgets
  • Menus
  • More Fun with Menus
  • Using FileSelect

Perl/Tk Programming

  • Tk::Error and Tk::ErrorDialog
  • Configuring Widgets
  • Geometry Management
  • Geometry Management with grid()
  • The Frame Widget
  • Defining Widget Callbacks
  • Bindings
  • Nonblocking I/O with fileevent()
  • Tags
  • Other Widgets
  • Other Tk Commands
  • Getting Tk
  • Extending Perl with C/C++

Extending the Perl Interpreter

  • Overview of Perl5 XSUBs
  • Get Started with h2xs
  • Set up the Perl Wrapper Class
  • Write the XS Code
  • The XS File
  • Write Some Test Code
  • What Do You Want?
  • Returning Values on the Stack
  • A Walk Through an XSUB
  • Arguments to XSUBs
  • Other h2xs Options
  • Embedding the Perl Interpreter
  • Why Embed Perl?

Embedding Perl in a C Program

  • Compiling the Program
  • c
  • Perl Data Types
  • Macros and Functions
  • Manipulating Scalars
  • Memory Management
  • Script Space
  • Evaluating Perl Expressions
  • Dynamic Loading
  • Multiple Perl Interpreters

Module Development and Distribution

  • Distributing Modules
  • Get Started with h2xs
  • Files Created by h2xs
  • The Build Library (blib) ulectory
  • Unit Testing and
  • Versions
  • Using blib
  • POD
  • POD Translators
  • Cutting a Distribution
  • Other Niceties
  • PL

Design and Implementation

  • Think First
  • Object-Oriented Design
  • Object-Oriented Development
  • Library Modules
  • Utility Programs
  • Filters
  • Performance
  • Timing with Benchmark


How Do I Enrol For PERL Training At Chennai Trainings?

You can contact at 09655 992 993 or directly walk into our PERL training centre in Velachery to join PERL course in Chennai

What Will Be The Size Of A PERL Training Batch At Chennai Trainings?

We at Chennai trainings PERL training in Chennai will give individual attention to students so that they will be able to clarify all the doubts.

How Equipped Are The PERL Faculties At Chennai Trainings?

Our PERL faculty member is industry expert and has experience in real-time application and more than 10 years of experience.

What Is The Payment Modes Accepted In Chennai Trainings?

Both hot cash and net banking is available on Chennai Training

What Is The PERL Course Duration In Chennai Trainings?

PERL training in Chennai is 45 Hrs of theoretical and practical sessions.

What Are The Different Mode Of Training In Chennai Trainings?

  • Classroom training
  • One to One training
  • Fast track training
  • Online training
  • Customized training

PERL Training Testimonials

The Level of teaching and the skills which the trainer has is very good and that has helped me to learn everything properly and completely. Thanks to the trainer and the Chennai Trainings.

– Mathew,Chennai

Hi friends! This is Rajan. I did Spring training course in Chennai Trainings. The quality of training was impressive. The course syllabus covered depth concepts. They gave good support in resume building as well as in placement activities.

– Rajan, Chennai

Chennai Trainings provides the best job based Perl training. Their Perl training makes you feel working in live project. They provide latest software job updation. Their trainers are very much proficient in Perl. They provide individual attention to the students. They provide placement assistance. They provide comfort class timings to the students.

– Aryan, Chennai

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