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Chennai Trainings will provide the best Informix training in Chennai with 100% placement support and affordable cost. We organize a systematic Informix course syllabus for the students in both Informix online training and Informix classroom training in Chennai. Informix training in Chennai teaches by experienced certified faculties they provide real-time scenarios and projects in weekdays and weekend classes in Velachery, Chennai. We will provide the best Informix training in Chennai with expert trainers. Contact 09655 992 993 for more details and Informix demo class in Chennai.

Informix Course In Chennai

We offer best Informix course in Chennai for students and job assistance in Chennai Trainings. We offer Informix courses in Chennai to current and passed out students and working employees and Informix corporate training in Chennai. We provide Informix course with flexible timings for part-time working employees and students in Velachery, Chennai. Learning Informix course in Chennai Trainings will bring you up in the career of booming technology. Our faculty has 11+ years of experience and handled much corporate training in Chennai, India.

Informix Training Institute In Chennai

Informix training institute in Chennai will provide online training, classroom training and corporate training in Chennai with qualified trainers.Chennai Trainings is one of the best Informix training institute in Chennai Which provides Informix courses and they can handle from basics to expert level of training in Velachery, Chennai. Our Chennai Trainings instructor guides you with a great example and ideas to explore the knowledge. Informix training in Chennai provides perfect Hands-on-training and directly connect with real-time environment. We will provide Informix basic to advance level of training in Chennai to the students.

Informix Training Centre In Chennai

Informix training center in Chennai is one of the top training center in Velachery, Chennai. Chennai Trainings is recognized as Best Informix training center in Chennai by the students. In Chennai trainings, Informix trainers have trained more than 100+ students so far with successful placements. Chennai Trainings is the best choice for learning Informix course at an affordable cost.

Overview of Informix Training

Informixis a fast and flexible database with the ability to seamlessly integrate SQL, NoSQL/JSON, and time series and spatial data. Its versatility and ease of use make Informix a preferred solution for a wide range of environments, from enterprise data warehouses to individual application development. Informix database  is a fast and scalable database server that manages traditional relational, object-relational, and dimensional databases. Its small footprint and self-managing capabilities are suited to embedded data-management solutions. The Open-Source for Informix Project. The goal of this project is to make popular open-source applications and tools available to the Informix community. IBM Informix is a product family within IBM’s Information Management division that is centred on several relational database management system (RDBMS) offerings. The Informix products were originally developed by Informix Corporation, whose Informix Software subsidiary. PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is a free and open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) emphasizing extensibility and technical standards compliance. … It is the default database for macOS Server, and is also available for Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and Windows.

Informix Salary In Chennai

Informix with required competence can expect about a package of 30,000 to 45,000 Which is the average.

Informix Course Duration In Chennai

45 Hrs of theoretical and practical sessions.

Informix Training Locations In Chennai

Our Informix Training centre in Chennai




Tamil Nadu-600042

Chennai Trainings is located in Velachery, Chennai. We are one of the quality Informix training centre in Velachery, Chennai. Informix course in Chennai is the best course to place in MNC’s. It is the perfect choice for Informix certified training in Velachery, Chennai.

Informix Course Syllabus In Chennai


  • Define basic Informix Dynamic Server terms
  • Query the sysmaster database for information about the server


  • Identify the right product
  • Extract & Install the IDS product
  • Setup raw chunks for space
  • Setup Environment


  • Physical Units
  • Logical Units


  • Resident portion
  • Virtual portion
  • Message portion


  • onstat
  • onmode
  • oncheck
  • onparams
  • onmonitor
  • oninit


  • load/unload
  • dbexport/dbimport
  • onunload/onload
  • dbschema
  • Checkpoints
  • Finder Utility
  • Update Statistics
  • Set Explain


  • Physical Logging
  • Logical Logging
  • Lock Management

Introduction to Backup and Restore

  • What Is a Recovery System?
  • What Is a Backup?
  • What Is a Logical-Log Backup?
  • When You Do Not Use Logging
  • What Are Manual and Continuous Logical-Log Backups?
  • What Is a Log Salvage?
  • Why You Need to Save Logical-Log Backups
  • What Is a Restore?
  • What Are Warm, Cold, and Mixed Restores?
  • What Are Physical and Logical Restores?
  • Comparing ON-Bar and ontape
  • Planning a Recovery Strategy
  • What Types of Data Loss Can Occur?
  • Scheduling Backups
  • Planning a Backup System for a Production Database Server
  • Evaluating Hardware and Memory Resources
  • Evaluating Backup and Restore Time

Backup and Restore methods

  • Physical Backup Methods
  • Logical Backup Methods

User activity

  • Monitoring User Activity
  • Session Information
  • SQL Information
  • Deadlocks
  • Monitoring Locks
  • Table Locks
  • Row Lock

Performance Features

  • Parallel Data Query
  • Read-Ahead
  • SQL Cache
  • ONCONFIG Parameters
  • ENV Variables


  • Common Problems
  • Chunk Permissions and Ownership
  • Shared Memory Allocation
  • Long Transactions
  • Freeing Logs


  • Identify the Informix data types
  • Choose the appropriate data type for a data column
  • Creating Databases and Tables
  • Create databases and tables
  • Determine database logging and storage requirements


  • Drop a database and Drop a table
  • Alter a table
  • Convert a simple large object to a smart large object


  • Explain the benefits of indexing
  • Evaluate the costs involved when indexing
  • Explain the maintenance necessary with indexes
  • Describe effective management of indexes
  • Enable or disable indexes

Table And Index Partitioning

  • List the ways to fragment a table
  • Create a fragmented table
  • Create a detached fragmented index
  • Describe temporary fragmented table and index usage

Data Security

  • Use the database, table, and column level privileges
  • Use the GRANT and REVOKE statements
  • Use role-based authorization


  • Create views
  • Use views to present derived and aggregate data
  • Use views to hide joins from users

Introduction To Stored Procedures

  • Explain the purpose of stored procedures
  • Explain advantages of using stored procedures


  • Create and execute a trigger
  • Drop a trigger
  • Use the system catalogs to access trigger information


How Do I Enrol For Informix Training At Chennai Trainings?

You can contact at 09655 992 993 or directly walk into our Informix training centre in Velachery to join Informix course in Chennai

strong>What Will Be The Size Of A Informix Training Batch At Chennai Trainings?

We at Chennai trainings Informix training in Chennai will give individual attention to students so that they will be able to clarify all the doubts.

How Equipped Are The Informix Faculties At Chennai Trainings?

Our Informix faculty member is industry expert and has experience in real-time application and more than 10 years of experience.

What Is The Payment Modes Accepted In Chennai Trainings?

Both hot cash and net banking is available on Chennai Training

What Is The Informix Course Duration In Chennai Trainings?

Informix training in Chennai is 35 Hrs of theoretical and practical sessions.

What Are The Different Mode Of Training In Chennai Trainings?

  • Classroom training
  • One to One training
  • Fast track training
  • Online training
  • Customized training

Informix Training Testimonials

Hi! Myself Saleem. I took the training for informix in Chennai Trainings where I improved my technical knowledge. It helped me to increase my confidence and I got Job in an IT company. Thanks to Chennai Trainings.

– Saleem, Chennai

I am Kishore, I studied Informix course in Chennai Trainings. They have classroom with fully equipped with training materials and video lectures for online classes. Trainers are available always to assist the students in clearing doubts.

– Kishore, Chennai

Chennai Trainings provides you real time training on Informix training in Chennai. They provide wi-fi enabled well structured classroom and live online training. They provide weekend class for the working professionals who cannot take weekday class.

– Gowsalya, Chennai

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