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Chennai Trainings provide best final year IEEE VLSI projects in Chennai at affordable cost for all final year BE, ME, MSC students. We offer VLSI project in Chennai. We offer latest VLSI project for research and final year students.

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We are the best IEEE VLSI project centre in Chennai which provide all types of project to final year students at low cost. Chennai Trainings, Velachery offer 2019 real-time VLSI projects for final year students and complete guidance and support. Best IEEE final year VLSI project centre in Velachery, Chennai. Chennai Trainings provide various final year IEEE projects like Java, Dot Net, Python, PHP, Big Data, Hadoop and IoT for the final year students all over India.

List of VLSI Projects

1. A Dynamic Timing Error Avoidance Technique Using Prediction Logic in High-Performance Designs

Time borrowing techniques are wide wont to mitigate the temporal arrangement errors in superior styles. a replacement dynamic flip-flop conversion technique is introduced by Ahmadi et al. (2015) that dynamically converts flip-flops into clear latches to grant the time borrowing from subsequent stage and stop setup time violation. However, it’s ineffectual to stop the temporal arrangement violation within the sequent crucial path (SCP) and demanding feedback path (CFP) structures. during this temporary, we have a tendency to introduce a unique plan of victimization the output of quick prediction logic of the crucial path together with dynamic clock stretching in SCP and CFP structures. The results show that our technique, on average, is ready to boost the performance by twenty.2% and 14.8% throughout the pre layout and post layout simulations, severally. moreover, the planned technique is sort of seven.7% simpler in terms of the performance improvement with solely zero.1% space overhead compared with the simplest existing technique.

2. A Wideband Low-Noise Variable-Gain Amplifier with a 3.4 dB NF and up to 45 dB gain tuning range in 130 nm CMOS

A a hundred thirty nm CMOS broadband (0.2 to 3.3 GHz) lownoise variable-gain electronic equipment (LNVGA) with 2 active baluns operating for part cancellation is conferred herein. The LNVGA aims for a large gain standardisation vary that avoids signal compression, whereas sanctionative an occasional noise figure. This figure is unbroken low by the primary stage of the LNVGA, whereas the second stage provides the gain variation. The second stage is in a position to deliver a large gain standardisation vary due to the employment of the part cancellation technique, that is enforced by 2 active baluns. Since the part cancellation technique powerfully depends on the balun output leveling, a low-imbalance active balun topology is being herein projected, analyzed well, designed, and tested. This new LNVGA style achieves a gain standardisation vary of forty five dB, a noise figure of three.4 dB, and dissipates nineteen mW within the most gain condition. The circuit was fancied in a hundred thirty nm CMOS with a one.2 V supply.

3. Analysis, Comparison, and Experimental Validation of a Class AB Voltage Follower With Enhanced Bandwidth and Slew Rate

This paper describes a information measure (BW)- and slew rate (SR)-enhanced category AB voltage follower (VF). an intensive tiny signal analysis of the projected and a progressive AB-enhanced VF is conferred to match their performance. The projected circuit has 50-MHz bioattack, 19.5-V/µs SR, and a bioattack figure of benefit of forty one.6 (MHz × pF/µW) for CL = fifty pF. It provides thirteen times higher current potency and fifteen times higher bioattack than the standard VF with equal 60-µW static power dissipation. The experimental and simulation results of a fancied take a look at give the 130-nm CMOS technology validate the projected circuit.





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VLSI is a trending technologies for those who are all studing Electical and Electronics background.

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